Transform your Business with Tailored Consultancy

Our customized approach identifies and targets key areas for improvement, driving growth and fostering a culture of continuous development.

Tailored Organizational Consultancy

A Comprehensive Approach to Organizational Development

Our tailored organizational consultancy service addresses your unique challenges and growth opportunities.

In-depth Organizational Audit

Our tailored organizational consultancy service addresses your unique challenges and growth opportunities.

Employee Journey Mapping

We create detailed employee journey maps, identifying critical touchpoints and opportunities to enhance employee experience and performance.

Result-oriented Action Plan

We develop and implement customized strategies based on our assessment and journey mapping findings to drive lasting organizational success

Organizational Audit

Comprehensive Organizational Audit for Targeted Insights

Gain valuable insights into your organization’s structure, culture, and processes through our in-depth audit.

Tailored Audit Questionnaire
We use a bespoke framework to systematically collect and analyze information about your organization’s current state and pain points.
Interactive Stakeholder Conversations
We engage in meaningful discussions with key stakeholders to better understand your organization’s unique context and challenges.
Comprehensive Assessment Report
We deliver a thorough report on our findings, pinpointing areas of improvement and recommending targeted strategies for sustainable success.
Organizational Audit

Employee Journey Maps

Elevate Employee Experiences with Journey Mapping

Gain insight into your employees’ experiences and uncover opportunities to elevate engagement and performance.

In-Depth Mapping Process
We collaborate with you to construct thorough employee journey maps that capture every step of the employee experience, from recruitment to development.
Spotlight on Key Touchpoints
We identify and analyze the most crucial touchpoints in the employee journey, enabling you to target areas for improvement and drive positive change.
Strategic Solutions for Enhanced Experiences
We devise tailored strategies to optimize critical touchpoints, fostering a more engaged, satisfied, and high-performing workforce.
Journey Map

Journey Map Implementation

Transform Employee Experiences with Journey Map Implementation

Experience the benefits of a well-executed employee journey map as you cultivate a more engaged, satisfied, and high-performing workforce.

Expert Guidance and Support
Our team of consultants provides hands-on assistance throughout the implementation process, ensuring a successful integration of your employee journey map.
Sustained Growth and Development
We assist you in fostering a growth mindset, utilizing your employee journey map as a tool for ongoing enhancement of employee experiences and outcomes.
Impact Evaluation
Monitor the effectiveness of your journey map implementation through relevant metrics, allowing you to measure improvements in employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.
Journey map implementation

“MAPERS is not only a great app, but the 20robots team also provided valuable assistance by helping us ’refactor’ several processes in our company. Their expertise in human resources management and empathic interaction with our team leaders and employees were remarkable. They provided us with regular consultations and tips that helped us organize and evolve our teams better. We recommend them strongly! Their hands-on experience of working with many companies like ours gives them an edge.”


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  • Eva Marina

    Eva Marina

    Business Development & Organizational Consultant

    Eva’s passion for creating transformative experiences has driven her 15-year career in HR, coaching, and organizational consultancy. Her focus on learning and development, combined with her expertise in organizational psychology, human resources, design thinking, and behavioral economics, allows her to deliver tailored solutions that empower your people, teams, and organization to achieve their full potential.

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