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Receive actionable advice to boost employee engagement, motivation, and retention.
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Gain insights into effective strategies for building a collaborative and communicative culture
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Understand how our customized solutions can contribute to your organization's growth and success.

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Personalized Consultation
A personalized consultation with an expert to uncover your organization's challenges and aspirations.
Comprehensive Evaluation
A comprehensive evaluation of your current strategies for employee engagement, retention, and performance management
Actionable Recommendations
Actionable advice and recommendations to address your organization's unique needs and drive improvement.
Service Overview
An overview of our services and how they can be adapted to empower your workforce and foster business growth.

“MAPERS is not only a great app, but the 20robots team also provided valuable assistance by helping us ’refactor’ several processes in our company. Their expertise in human resources management and empathic interaction with our team leaders and employees were remarkable. They provided us with regular consultations and tips that helped us organize and evolve our teams better. We recommend them strongly! Their hands-on experience of working with many companies like ours gives them an edge.”


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  • Eva Marina

    Eva Marina

    Business Development & Organizational Consultant

    Eva’s passion for creating transformative experiences has driven her 15-year career in HR, coaching, and organizational consultancy. Her focus on learning and development, combined with her expertise in organizational psychology, human resources, design thinking, and behavioral economics, allows her to deliver tailored solutions that empower your people, teams, and organization to achieve their full potential.

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